Hi Highlanders!

Welcome to GO!, UCR's Student Pedometer Program. The program logs your daily steps, allowing you to win prizes, challenge friends to walking competitions, and monitor factors like your weight, blood pressure, BMI (body mass index), and number of calories burned. The more you move, the more you win! 

GO! Pedometer Program Step Levels and Prizes For 2016-2017

100,000 (100k) steps: GO! Tote Bag OR Fit Squad Bag

250,000 (250k) steps: GO! Water Bottle (Blue or Red) 

500,000 (500k) steps: Jawbone Raffle(s) - Fitness Tracker 

750,000 (750k) steps: GO! Black Tee

1,000,000 (1,000k) steps: Salad/Fruit Shaker 

1,250,000 (1,250k) steps: GO! Visor (Black or Navy) 

1,500,000 (1,500k) steps: Jawbone Raffle(s) - Fitness Tracker 

2,000,000 (2,000k) steps: GO! Dri Fit Tee (Blue)

2,500,000 (2,500k) steps: GO! Hoodie

3,500,000 (3,500k) steps: GPS Watch Raffle(s) (Garmin) 

 ***Everything is while supplies last.***

Continue walking/running/working out/learning and get those new prizes. The GO! Pedometer Program will continue to have its weekly fitness and nutrition events. In addition, the GO! Program is happy to introduce its newest program; PB&J, Peanut Butter and Jogging, every week, join the welladmin in a morning jog/run.

Feel free to send welladmin (humberto.santiago@ucr.edu) a message with any questions you may have.











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